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Bring it Back(list) with Shona Husk

Posted by: Shona Husk
Decadent Moon started off as Lunar Exposure and was written for a submission call about bounty hunters. I  had so much fun creating Decadent Moon (which is the name of the space station/pleasure resort) that I write 2 other novellas set there. There are no humans in these stories so I got to create everything, which for someone who loves world building as much as I do is like birthday and Christmas and Easter all at once.

As well as bounty hunters, there are princes in hiding and a second chance at love and plenty of lust times. One of which may involve tentacles...

When the rights returned to me I deliberated about releasing them separately or bundling them. In the end I went with bundling because they were being rereleased, and also the cost of separate covers. However I also made it available in print for the first time.

Back Cover Copy
Decadent Moon is a resort where alien species come together for pleasure and business. There are only three rules:
No interspecies hate.
No violence.
No debts.
Enjoy your visit to Decadent Moon.

Lunar Exposure
A bounty hunter on a mission and a socialite with secret—both of them are hunting the same man. Lust and ambition clash, but to save Decadent Moon they will have to trust each other.

Lunar Reunion
Six years ago they made a mistake. Can they reclaim what they thought lost?

Lunar Dancer
A courier desperate to reclaim her daughter delivers a message to prince masquerading as a dancer, unaware she is delivering the order that get him killed. Now they must find a way to save him and her daughter.


“First time here?” she purred.

“Sure is.” His gaze skimmed down her dress to the wispy skirt. His nostrils flared and she knew her pheromones had been activated by being this close to a male she found attractive.

Damn, usually she took blockers, but they were becoming harder and harder to get, so she was trying to only use them while on Lekithia. While it would have seemed odd to be taking them while on Decadent Moon, now she wished she had. Then she would’ve been immune to his scent and he wouldn’t have been able to tell he was having an effect on her. And that was the reason they were pretty much banned on Lekithia now. What had been seen as a step forward had actually destabilized relationships as women went from choosing based on pheromones to choosing based on status or bank balance. Men on blockers tended to get with anyone—they were even less selective since they weren’t waiting on pheromones to get them going.

However, she was adjusting to the lack of blockers in her system and she wasn’t a slave to her body’s chemicals. She could walk away, but while paying attention to this man, she had a reason to be in the bar keeping an eye on Noga. If Noga left, she could leave too. Until then, this man would prove a useful, and pleasant, distraction.

“You?” His voice was deep and slid over her skin, heating the blood beneath.

It had been a while since she’d let herself feel natural attraction. She was so used to blockers and faking to get what she wanted and needed that the stab of lust that filled her belly and made her core ache was unexpected. She drew in a breath and tried to focus, but all that did was fill her lungs with more of his scent.

“A few times.” Her words were huskier than she’d intended.

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