Friday, January 6, 2017

My Favorite TV Shows

Posted by: Shona Husk

I don’t watch much TV, in part because what is shown on the free to air in Australia is not my thing. Or if it is my thing the TV station switches day and times and then cancels the show because there is no following (you know why there’s no following? Because we can’t find it. And if we can’t find it, we can’t set our recording devices, because not everyone is glued to the TV all night hoping something good will come on). I digress….

What I started doing is just buying the DVDs, or buying the season on Apple TV. Yeah it’s no longer free, but there’s no ads and I can watch it when I want. Downside is that I rely on social media or TV show recommendations and I just expect it will never be shown on Australian TV.

I was delighted that Versailles was…the costumes, the hair, swoon.

Flesh and Bone I watched on Apple TV. I glommed that in 2 days. It was so broken and twisted and awesome.

I making my way through S4 of Grimm (yes I know I’m behind but I have to wait for the DVDs to become available and drop from their new release price to something more reasonable). I love Grimm and was sad to hear it’s ending especially when other paranormal TV shows which have very little character growth (I mean, if you haven’t learnt how to juggle having relationship after 10 years of monster hunting, maybe it’s not the job for you…) are still running.

Hubby bought me Jessica Jones DVDs for Christmas…which I’ll get to after Grimm.

I read that Strike Back is getting rebooted with a new team. I’ll give it a go because I really like the style of the show. Hopefully the new team has the same chemistry s Scott and Stonebridge :)

But I need some new recommendations. Any TV shows I need to keep an eye out for?

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  1. Flesh and Bone was seriously twisted but oh so good! I've been wanting to watch Versailles....


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