Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Blood and Silver

Posted by: Shona Husk
A couple of years ago I got tired of pretty vampires who only wanted to fall in love. I wanted to write about bad vampires, the kind that went around killing people because they could.

At the time paranormal romance wasn't doing so well, so I put the idea aside. But I kept coming back to it because there were the survivors of an ancient civilization (and who doesn't love reading about the loss of Doggerland, the Minoans, and others that were wiped out) magic and vampires...oh and did I mention that those survivors can become vampires with a little blood magic?

Throw in a few humans in the know who want to eradicate them before they even become vampires and it was all too much fun for me not to write.

I got even luckier when Lyrical acquired the first 3 books :)

Readers get lucky as those 3 books will all be out next year (so no waiting around) :)

Lady of Silver and Warrior of Fire are already up for pre-order.

At the moment I'm finishing book 3.

If you love vampires but don't want them as the hero this might be the paranormal series for you.
A man on a mission A brutal crime is haunting detective Dale Morgan. A young woman has been murdered on the city’s outskirts, and her blood drained. Dale suspects the leader of a depraved cult may be to blame. Yet with barely a shred of evidence at the crime scene, Dale will have to turn to the one person despises almost as much as the killers he puts behind bars.
A woman with secrets
To humans, Saba Venn is a psychic, but she’s Albah, a race long forgotten by humans but who live amongst them, her powers fueled by blood and silver.  She agrees to help Detective Morgan, if it means stopping the vampire cult she believes is behind the killing. But the attraction she feels with Dale is immediate, and as their relationship intensifies she begins to doubt she can keep her secret from him.

happy reading

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