Friday, September 9, 2016

In the Spotlight the spotlight today!

Posted by: Shona Husk

Here is my shiny new cover for my October release. It’s not paranormal (it’s contemporary) but it is set in my home town of Perth, Australia which for some people will be like travelling to another world. We have drop bears and every animal is secretly sharpening knives, topping up poison supplies and planning way to kill unsuspecting tourists and locals…I jest, Australia is lovely (and drop bears aren’t real). 

The other fun part about this book that really is another world is that one of the guys is a submariner and the other is a ballet dancer. Have I ever mentioned how much I love to research? How I like to get out there and give things a try?

This time I actually took up ballet (I hadn’t done any since primary school). A year later I’m still doing ballet…

Books don’t have to be set on another planet or even have magic to take readers to another place. Although if you’ve ever watched some really good dancer you would be forgiven for thinking that they were just a little bit magical.
A diva who lives for the spotlight, a sailor deeply in the closet, a love that will change them both
Ripley Malone is returning to Perth in triumph. A principal ballet dancer in a production that has critics raving, he is an unqualified success, and all the small-minded  people that made his life hell can kiss his lycra-covered ass. But behind the makeup and the glitter and the costumes, Ripley is beginning to tire, tire of the competition, the drive, the endless parade of meaningless lovers.
For Pierce Lovell, joining the Navy was a way out of rural Victoria, but becoming a submariner comes with its own set of challenges. The close living quarters and long months away are awkward enough without adding any extra tension around his sexuality. The fear is probably in his head, but he isn’t taking any chances with his career. He gets by on anonymous one-night-stands every time they come to shore and keeps his heart well-shielded. But one night with Ripley opens the tantalising possibility of more.  
Through a mistake Ripley is injured. He can’t dance. His wings are clipped and he crashes down and hits the earth hard. Pierce knows their affair can’t possibly end in anything but heartache, but he can’t stay away. As Ripley heals and reassesses his life, he is determined not to make the same mistakes again. That means letting someone see the vulnerable side of him. But vulnerability for Pierce could cost him everything

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