Saturday, August 20, 2016

Excerpt: Decadent Moon

Posted by: Shona Husk
This weekend I’m at the Romance Writers of Australia conference. While I don’t get to conference every year it’s always great to catch up with other romance writer and see friends who I only ever talk to online. I always come away from conference tired and enthused about writing.

This year the conference is in Adelaide and I’m also spending a few days catching up with friends, visiting wineries and tasting the local chocolate :)

Obviously I have scheduled this post in advance, so here’s an excerpt from Decadent Moon my alien boxset made up of Lunar Exposure, Lunar Reunion and Lunar Dancer. This excerpt is from Lunar Dancer, enjoy!

Jorin carefully applied the kohl to his eyes. He could’ve done it in his sleep. Some things didn’t change much between shows. The makeup, glitter, and barely there costume. Sure the colors, or the styles and accessories were altered but the general idea was the same. Not that he cared. He’d have danced naked if it meant he could stay on the Moon.

It was probably the safest place in the galaxy for him. The only place his brother couldn’t reach—or his brother’s assassins.

He’d read about the death of his father. Had wanted to go home for the funeral, but stepping foot on Ograth was akin to putting his head on the chopping block and waiting for the sword to sever his head from his body. Leaving the Moon would be the same inviting a bounty hunter to grab him and haul him home.

There were two things he’d always known about his life—he’d be killed when his brother became king and that he had no interest in ruling, which was why he’d never attacked his brother to try and claim the throne even though it was his right to attempt to do so. As second son he could challenge for the throne. But his brother wasn’t allowed to attack until the death of their father. Ograth had strict rules about fratricide and how it should be done. However, Jorin had no doubt that his brother was planning on eliminating the only threat to his reign. As prince Jorin couldn’t be hung or poisoned, only beheaded. It wasn’t comforting, and didn’t help him sleep at night.

Perhaps running away, changing his name and joining a dance troupe had been enough to stop his brother. He couldn’t have made it any clearer that he had no interest in ruling. By hiding in plain sight it had also made it harder for his brother to attempt any accidents. Just because Ograth had rules, didn’t mean the rest of the universe was bound by them. Plenty of otherwise suspicious deaths had been covered up in the past and called an unfortunate and unforeseen event. That there were professional assassins as well as bounty hunters indicated that there was a good trade in underhand deaths. His brother would never have been connected to it, if he had attempted.

The brother he had once known though would never have acted that way. He believed in the laws. Now? Jorin had no idea what kind of man his brother had become.

He drew in a deep breath and checked his makeup, then added a little more gold dust to his fat, curving horns. If his contract with the Moon didn’t get renewed, he was going to be shafted. And the royal family of Ograth knew how to shaft extremely well. It was why they’d been the ruling family for the last four hundred years.

Every performance had to be his best, not that it was hard. He loved performing. Loved dancing, something he’d discovered thanks to the many lessons he’d had to take as a prince. He always wanted to dance on Decadent Moon, becoming principle was a bonus. That he’d been here when his father died a blessing of sorts.

If he’d been touring anywhere else, it would have been easy to make him disappear. Decadent Moon was as well known for its security as well as its shows and luxury. People came here to secure trade deals because there could be no hostilities on the Moon. Not even assassins attempted kills here.

But the Moon was as much his salvation as it was his prison.


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