Wednesday, September 16, 2015

myths, the fae and what happens next?

Posted by: Shona Husk
My Annwyn series draws on fairy mythology. Not to retell the myths, but more from the perspective of what are the fairies up to now? 

The myths we have are old, they were oral stories before they became lore.

Gwyn ap Nudd would have been king of Annwyn for a long time, if he was still king. The Hunter of Annwyn, Arwan might have fallen out of favour. Fairies love to trick and scheme so I could imagine their court as very beautiful but also very dangerous. For all their beauty they aren’t human and their world is different. They have different rules and morals.

In fairy lore there are so many different types of fae as well as changelings. A changeling is traditionally a human child that has been switched at birth, or one that isn’t really part of this world. What about a child that is part fairy, give them a fairy gift like psychometry or an ability to glimpse the future and I think you have a changeling. 

There are also darker fairies. Goblins, and other twisted ugly fairies, vampiric fairies like the Baobhan Sith. Then there are the creatures like shucks and kelpies. 

I didn’t follow fairy lore faithfully. In part because what if we got it wrong and we were only repeating what the fairies had told us… After all it’s just a game to them and while they would never lie misinformation is well within the rules. So when I decided to incorporate shucks I had to think about the best way to do it.

For me the solution was that they were escaped fairy hounds who had gotten a taste for souls. Because I’d been burning to include a kelpie hero I was able to use the same reasoning.

But what is a kelpie some of you ask?

A kelpie is a fairy horse shifter. He can be a man, but he is really a horse who escaped from Annwyn and ate a soul, thus gaining the ability to shift form. Because kelpies are known to kill, I left him with that hunger. He needs to feed. 

My kelpie is the hero of Taming the Assassin the last book in the Annwyn series. 

After six novels, one novella and a short story it’s time for me to leave the world of Annwyn behind. I think the fairies have done enough damage to our world to last another thousand years or so (they are totally not sorry about the plagues). But with a new King on the throne who knows what will happen, especially when his twin daughters grow up and have to decide on who is going to rule…

A search for the truth…
Janet Yale was working on the story of a lifetime, but then she lost her leads, her records and her memories. Until she sees Kaid again and something sparks. He is the key to unlocking her mind.

A man with secrets…
Kaid White isn’t a man, he’s a kelpie. Born a horse in Annwyn, he crossed the veil to the mortal world and learned how to shift and become a man. However, he made one mistake and was caught. The current owner of his bridle is Henry Saint, the Darkling Lord, and he refuses to release Kaid.

A price to be paid…
With the bridle hidden and needing help Kaid turns to Janet. She is a reporter who uncovered the truth about fairies—and had her memories erased. He knows that she can help him. But if she learns what he is, the attraction that has started growing between them will die. And if she digs too deep she’ll be in danger. This time, more than her memory would be erased. 

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