Thursday, September 24, 2015

Home Town Advantage OUT OF TIME

Posted by: Shona Husk
As much as I love researching places to set my books, there is something special about writing a story set where I live.

The Face the Music series is set in Fremantle, Western Australia. I moved to WA nearly twenty years when hubby was in the navy...we never left.

I spent years working in Fremantle, browsing the book store, eating at the caf├ęs, poking around in the new age shops and visiting the weekend markets.

Freo (as the locals call it) has also been the home of some great Aussie bands. There is even a stature of Bon Scott (from AC/DC) at Fishing Boat Harbour.

When I decided to write about an up and coming band I didn't look to the eastern states, because my band, Selling the Sun, were going to be sandgropers (anyone who comes from WA). They are going to be the next big thing to come out of Freo...or are they?

Out of Time
The fabulous New Adult series from Shona Husk continues: he wants to shut out the world; she wants to invite it in…

Mike Peterson has learned the hard way that the good really do die young. He and his mum only have each other, and now she’s losing her second battle with cancer. He wants to stay with her; she wants him to keep following his dreams. He doesn’t have long to decide and the rest of the band is waiting on him. Whatever choice he makes, he will lose.

Living at home has become impossible for Ava Brand. Her very religious, very traditional grandmother would like to see her married off to a nice Indian boy. But Ava wants to make her own choices. Meeting Mike gives her a chance to rebel.

What starts off as easy rapidly becomes complicated, as their problems expand and emotions bubble to the surface. Neither has time for complicated, as Ava’s family discovers her extra-curricular activities and Mike has to make incredibly hard choices. But love never waits for the perfect time, and Mike and Ava are going to have to decide if they’re playing for fun, or playing for keeps.

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