Thursday, June 18, 2015

a partial apocalypse is still awful

Posted by: Shona Husk
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Singer of Death is the second book in the Court of the Banished series (which is the spin off series from the Court off Annwyn). As the names suggest this series is all about the fae.

Five books plus a novella and a free short story makes this my longest series ever (and there is one more book to go which will be out in September). Each book does stand alone and there is a clear break between the 2 series. Before the plagues (and the battle for the throne of Annwyn) and after the plagues...I kill half a billion people world wide so while it's not a complete apocalypse it's certainly devastating.

I researched other great plagues like the Black Death and also the Spanish flu to try and get a feel for the devastation this would cause, but also thought about the global economy and how much of what we eat and wear is imported. How would that be affected if borders were closed due to widespread illness?

Here's a little snippet of the heroine and hero reminiscing about life before the plagues.
“This is me.” She glanced up at the building. Did she invite him in? Did she want him to come in? She did. She had so few friends left, and had made so few new ones—most people were still wary of strangers. “I can offer you a hot drink?”

He gave a small laugh. “It’s been a while since I had coffee.”

“It’s not good coffee.” Good coffee was way beyond her budget, but she knew some people still had the money to spend on what was now a luxury. Cups filled with froth and flavors. She had once been one of the crowd, queuing for a caffeine hit at her favorite place. Many shops, caf├ęs and restaurants had closed during the plagues. People had lost their jobs. For a while getting food into the city had been hard because people feared contamination. The people driving the trucks could be carriers. 

“I’m not fussy. Maybe we should go out for fancy coffee one day?”

Her heart lurched. Was that like a date?

“Spend some of our ill-gotten gains.” He winked and warmth filled her chest.

What luxury would you miss most? For me it would be chocolate as I'm not a coffee drinker.
An acid attack left Bronwyn scarred, but when she sings she is beautiful again. Her voice is hypnotic and powerful. For those moments she has control, no one can hurt her and no one is immune. Or so she thought.

Jonah Sheppard is a thief on the run. When he meets Bronwyn his life begins to make sense. He isn’t human. He is a changeling like her. Their fairy blood has given them magic and he thinks they should use it. It’s a game she wants to play.

Bronwyn knows he only wants her for her voice, but she doesn’t care. And he knows that she could do so much better than a career criminal. A fragile trust grows but when they draw the attention of human and fairy authorities everything they know is torn away.

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