Friday, April 24, 2015

Critical Mass

Posted by: Shona Husk
In May I will have been published for five years. It’s hard to believe because it feels both longer and shorter. How can five years have zipped by? And yet everything that has happened in that time seems incredible. From the sale of my first novella (An Elemental Tail) to selling my first novel (The Goblin King) gaining an agent, losing an agent, losing editors, publishers, dipping my toes into self-publishing.

The one thing that has stayed constant in all of that is my ability to write. Okay sometimes it was hard, really hard when things weren’t going well. Sometimes my favorite stories (you know the ones you secretly love just a little bit more than the others but that you’d never admit to because you shouldn’t pick favorites) were the ones that sold the least. Or the hero I wasn’t sure people would like they loved. Maybe I’m not a good judge and when I love a story I should realize no one else will. 

While I’ve been a published author paranormal has been huge, slumped and might be coming back, sci-fi romance is there and digging in for the long haul like an intergalactic barnacle on a space freighter, fantasy romance never quite broke out the way I had hoped it would (I grew up reading fantasy). Contemporary romance is hot.

Last year during the paranormal slump I wrote some contemporary romance. The thing with being a writer is that you need to write (I generally have the fingers crossed on one hand that it will sell while I’m typing).

I have thought about writing for myself and no longer chasing being published.

But then I think I’ve written it and someone might want to read it so I polish the story up and send it off. I no longer hold my breath and compulsively check the emails while I wait.

Do I still want to hit the NYT best seller list? You bet. But I can’t control that any more than I can control the market or even the weather. 

So I write. I figure that at some point my body of work will hit critical mass and it will explode into something awesome…or goop…hopefully not goop. 

My latest release was something I wrote without any plans on ever seeing it published. It was an experiment for me to stretch my writing muscles and the first contemporary I ever wrote (but not the first published). But after it had languished for a year I decided to send it off into the world. The publisher loved it and asked for a series. All four Face the Music books will be out this year. 

Yes, I have my fingers crossed.

Out of Rhythm
They might be one of the hottest up-and-coming bands in Australia, but the members of Selling the Sun have a lot to learn about life, love, sex, and each other.

Praise for OUT OF RHYTHM:
With fun, authentic characters, sexual tension that leaves you on tenterhooks, and wonderful world building, Shona Husk is an awesomely talented Australian writer and it's fantastic to read rock star romances set here at home. - Kylie Scott, author of the Stage Dive series



  1. Hey, snap! My fifth anniversary of being published is coming up in June. It's been a roller coaster that's for sure. Best of luck with the new series. Great cover!

  2. My first sale, The Stolen Luck, was a novel I loved but I didn't think I could find a home for. Funny old world.


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