Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Genres, branding and diversifying

Posted by: Shona Husk
So many times an author is told write one genre and get known for that before branching out. But many authors have actually written in multiple genres before getting published. Skipping between genres keep the writing fresh and no one wants to eat cake all the time even if it is their favourite. 

Readers have more than one favourite author and they also read in more than one romance genre. 

So what does that mean for the author? 

I write paranormal romance, it’s what I got my start in. I dabbled in fantasy romance and now sci-fi romance too. I keep coming back to paranormal as I love it (even if it is out of fashion at the moment…which makes it hard to sell). So I tried my hand at contemporary. And sold a series (it starts in April, so keep an eye out of Out of Rhythm).

Will my paranormal fans cross over? Will the people who find my contemporaries cross over to paranormal?

I have no idea. But either way I am expanding my reach by having different products out.

In this day and age it might be better to have a diverse selection. That way when the market flips all of your book eggs aren’t in the one genre. 

What are your thoughts?

As a reader do you follow author across genres? Or if you are an author are you consistent with one product or into diversification?
Lover in a Bottle (paranormal romance)

Rebecca Thomas is determined to have the perfect holiday on her own. She knows how to plan the perfect wedding, so planning her ideal holiday wasn’t hard. She goes to the Cook Islands to enjoy the sun, sand and surf and everything else Rarotonga has to offer. She never planned on having a holiday fling, but Ashur is hard to resist.

Ashur loves his job. Every woman who frees him from his bottle is unique, and they all want something different. For him it has become a game to seduce them and grant their most secret fantasies—but on his time frame. He makes the most of each moment he is out of the bottle. While he enjoys what does, he is afraid that his life has no meaning and that one day his bottle will be lost forever, and so will he. With Rebecca, he thinks he is ready to give up being a genie and try being mortal.

However, to convince Rebecca so set him free, she first has to believe in magic and genies.

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  1. Great question, Shona! As a reader, I tend to read a given author for one particular genre/subgenre. As a writer, though, I cross genres, pairings, and markets to explore my interests. I keep a few series going concurrently to help satisfy readers who follow me for just one particular genre.

    1. Some authors I follow and read everything, some I only read for one series. I like writing different genres because it keeps the writing fresh and fun. I have ongoing pnr, SFR and (soon) contemporary series at the moment :).

  2. Ilona Andrews made an interesting comment on this topic. She said your author brand is the emotional experience you deliver to readers - that stays the same even as you move between genres.

    1. I think that's true for me as all my stories tend to be darker and angsty regardless of genre.


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