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How do you like your series?

Posted by: Shona Husk
To Love a King is the third novel (there is also a novella, The Changeling Soldier 2.5) in the Court of Annwyn series. As the name suggests it's all about fairies. To Love a King also wraps up this particular arc. The struggle for the throne of Annwyn is resolved and the mortal world gets a reprieve.

But that isn't where I wanted to end the series. I was having fun with the cool, calculating fairies. Manufacturing scheming and trickery was as complex as it was entertaining. And let's face it heroes that are morally ambiguous can be quite long as at the end of the day they aren't outright evil. 

I like series that have an arc and a definite end point, so that's what I tend to write. Which meant that for Annwyn I needed a new arc if I was going to write more fairies. That wasn't hard to some up with as I had touched on a few different things while writing the first arc.

Like what exactly is a darkling vs a changeling?

And OMG what is going to happen in the mortal world since I killed all those people!

Yes it's true many humans die as a result of the fairy civil war (numbers are so cold so let's just call it more than a million and less than a billion), and all kinds of things happen to humans but in the first set of books Annwyn was the focus.

The next set of three (which while part of the Court of Annwyn series has a sub name of Court of the Banished) looks at our world, and the fairies that live here, not in Annwyn.

There will be darklings, kelpies, banshees and a few other types of fairies that didn't live in Annwyn, or couldn't live in Annwyn.

The Darkling Lord will be out in March 2015.

But until then there is To Love a King...

To Love a King
To keep the balance between good and evil at the court of Annwyn, Prince Felan ap Gwyn has two weeks to marry and take the crown. But he wants more than just power—he wants love; a love he once had but was too stubborn to hold on to.

It took years for Jacqueline Ara to put her life back together after Felan abandoned her. She’s moved on, even if her heart still burns for him. But with war in Annwyn looming and death bleeding into the mortal world, Felan and Jacquie will need to heal old wounds and rekindle the passion that once welled between them…or face losing everything.

"This compelling read will warm readers' hearts as the hero and heroine explore their second chance at love, igniting the page with their passion and giving readers a beautiful fairy tale ending."-RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars

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How do you like your series? With an overall arc? A definite end point? Loosely connected?


  1. I like series with an overall arc and a definite end point. There should be a clearly defined end game goal that is reached and I'd prefer it to be within 7 books or less. Preferably less although I'm becoming less enamored with the trilogy format now that I'm writing a series myself.
    Loosely connected series are fine, but I find that they don't tend to hold my attention as well. Less of that "must read on to figure out what happens next" with them.
    I do, however, like all the books to end on a high note. I hate cliffhangers and when tragic-twist-ten-pages-from-the-end is often a deal breaker.

  2. Depends on the type of series. Some work best with an end point. Mystery/detective series can go on forever with no definite end point.


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