Sunday, April 20, 2014

This is not a blog post

Posted by: Shona Husk
Sometimes I run out of ideas. Not story ideas (I have a box of them that I’m always adding to), but blog ideas.

Sure I could share my shiny new covers.

Or I could talk about meeting Jim Butcher at Swancon on Friday (awesome guy).

My sock knitting is going really well (I had to learn how to knit socks for research for the ES Siren series). And because I don't do things by halves I had to make thigh high socks (it's almost winter in Perth so I'll be able to wear them!). Next up I want to make some lacy red ones--just for fun this time.

To make up for my lack of blog ideas I shall leave you with an excerpt from To Love a King…there may be chocolate involved because it’s Easter :)


He passed over her pants, now dry but covered in sand. She shook them out as best she could, well aware that compared to the coat she was sitting on, they were really cheap—but he didn’t seem bothered. She pulled on her panties, and he distracted her by kissing her again. For a moment, she almost expected her underwear to come straight off again. She melted into his arms. How had she gone seven years without him? Had she not noticed how empty her heart was and how cold her bed was?

He smiled at her. “I don’t want to leave you now.”

“Well, I guess we won’t have long to wait.” How long did she have left in the mortal world? She needed to eat chocolate and ice cream, to walk on the beach and do other things that she couldn’t do in Annwyn. She didn’t even know what she could do in Annwyn. She’d agreed to live in a place she’d never seen, rule people she knew only a little about, and become one of them. She swallowed down the rising panic. That was the only way she could have Felan, and it would be worth it. She had to believe that.

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