Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A writing holiday on Decadent Moon

Posted by: Shona Husk
As much as I love writing paranormal romance, and the occasional fantasy romance, I decided to try something different. Don’t freak out I didn’t jump ship completely and write a contemporary with no magic or make believe (that would just be weird—I mean heroes need fangs, or fur or something).

When Ellora’s Cave put out a call for Bounty Hunter stories I decided that the time was right to try my hand at sci-fi erotic romance. About six months earlier I’d had an idea and built in my mind a resort of kinds; a man made moon orbiting an ice plant. (While I get that most people don’t just make up worlds while driving the kids to school as a writer it is normal….or so I’m lead to believe)

While my Decadent Moon was fun and full of delights it was missing a character to explore it with. The bounty hunter call was just the inspiration I needed and Lunar Exposure was born. Drop a man on a mission into a pleasure resort and take away his weapons then let the fun begin.

And it was fun. Like writing fantasy but instead of magic there was futuristic tech. No elves or trolls, but aliens of all different types each with their own culture and social norms. The conflict potential was huge, the sexy times endless and best of all it’s a place I can visit again and again (okay I might have already written 2 more stories set on the resort of Decadent Moon but they are in my editor’s inbox).

I did learn a couple of things while writing sci-fi.

1) You can never have too many cool aliens

2) Not all cool aliens are built the same way so tab A doesn’t always meet up with slot B as expected. In fact some have something else completely and excrete a hallucinogenic…

Lunar Exposure
Coming May 10 2013

Bounty hunter Callen wants to capture Noga—a terrorist—both for the money and for revenge. But catching a criminal on the sensual resort of Decadent Moon without giving in to all the destination’s sexual pleasures is harder than it seems.

Haliday is the darling of the media, a socialite known as much for her casual relationships as she is for her charitable donations. No one knows she hunts down criminals.

Lust and ambition clash, and Callen and Haliday will have to find a way to work together, despite the distraction of their passionate bond. To succeed they must trust each other, something neither Callen nor Haliday is willing to do.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

available for pre-order:

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  1. I saw a tweet about your post and followed it over here. So glad I did. Love how the heroine is a socialite AND charitable AND hunts down criminals. Very intriguing combination. I look forward to reading!


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